I was born and grew up in England. After completing a degree in Cell and Molecular Biology I went to work at BBC Television in England where I produced and directed documentaries about science and later came to specialize in programs about psychotherapy. I became very drawn to becoming a therapist myself and have now been a practicing psychotherapist for 24 years. I began by training in England at the CCPE, which runs a four-year accredited training in Transpersonal Psychotherapy from the Sufi perspective. I was also involved in learning Process Work, a therapeutic approach devised by Arnie Mindell. I later started my own psychotherapy center, The Grove, with a partner. We had several therapists working at our center and ran regular supervision groups for the practitioners there. As well as continuing my private practice, I also worked part-time in the cancer wing of a leading London hospital where I worked with clients and their families. It was in England that I first came across a therapeutic technique called Focusing, and this approach has become a key part of my practice, along with Relational Self Psychology.

I moved to New York City and went back to school to take a Masters in Social Work in order to get licensed to practice in the USA. Since completing my masters I have completed a post-graduate training in couples and family therapy, group work, EMDR, and several advanced trainings in Focusing. In addition, I completed a psychoanalytic training in Relational Self Psychology. I am currently clinical consultant of an agency, CHDFS, that specialized in family therapy. I also continue to run my private practice where I see individuals, couples, families, and groups as well as teaching Focusing Oriented Psychotherapy certification programs internationally.