Charlotte flew out to Cape Town and taught experienced psychotherapists how to bring Focusing oriented Relational Psychotherapy into their clinical practice. She rapidly earned the warmth and respect of this group with her attuned presence as teacher and therapist and her rigorous engagement with questions and comments from students of other therapeutic perspectives. She became trusted by the group for her careful building of safety for the kind of personal and collegial opening up that a Focusing orientation brings and that this group was newly experiencing. In addition her work with at-risk families in New York City and her experience in several trauma-work modalities made her a popular choice of supervisor with the Cape Town group, many of whom work in such communities here in Cape Town

Charlotte then continued as a teacher and supervisor in a two-year teleconference training with psychotherapists in Cape Town. She continued to teach how to use Focusing Oriented Relational Therapy in therapeutic work with both individuals, couples and groups. As happened on the first training, some of her supervisees found her supervision so essential to their development as FOTs that they elected to continue working with her beyond the duration of the training. Several of the students on the two courses approached Charlotte to do personal therapeutic work with them, and they have continued to do this over the years, using Skype. This is testament to Charlotte's skill and presence as a therapist that she is able to create such strong therapeutic exchanges, even when not sitting in person with her clients. She brings a thoughtful and mature spiritual perspective to her work, which her students here have found invaluable in their integration of their clinical practice with their personal growth paths.

Catherine Johnson
Clinical Psychologist
Cape Town
South Africa

Focusing, had never been introduced with any success in

Brazil. Charlotte Howorth, LSCW, in 2013 was given the
task of establish focusing and focus oriented psychotherapy
through Act Institute in Brazil. Charlotte’s training was a
total success and Focusing is now alive, well and growing in
Her openness, in-depth knowledge of psychodynamics/
psychotherapy as well as her tremendous expertise in
focusing created just the rights balance for our students to
be inspired and realized the positive contribution her training
made to both their professional and personal lives. Focusing
in Brazil is expanding and we are looking forward to her
return as her training was one of the best received of all the
trainings we have brought to Brazil.

Eduardo Rene Trigo, Director Act Institute
Stephen Paul Adler, Ph.D. Founder Act Institute
Charlotte's relentless search for knowledge and devotion to learning what it
means to be a mature, fully-functioning individual inform her teaching and
training activities in the most exquisite ways. Her gentle, patient, respectful
demeanor creates environments conducive to the deepest levels of practical
learning and personal growth. She is sensitive to individual traits and needs,
and refined in her ability to draw the best out in others. When functioning as
a teacher, mentor, trainer, supervisor, or coach, Charlotte is truly a master at
helping others access their inner potential, answer their own questions, and
resolve their own conflicts.

Dr. James Strohl
Director, Center for Psychological Development
Adjunct Professor, Chestnut Hill College,
Focusing Certifying Coordinator

When I think about Charlotte the word "tenderness"" comes right away. I can remember the day I met her and she said: "yes I can teach you on Skype" those words where exactly what I need. My experience was to sense her close even though she was in another country. Her flexibility and putting limits when need it,  taught me how to be in many situations in my life. Her being "ok" with things made me feel human. She helps to make difficult things shift to been seen in an easy way. Having the opportunity to learn and become close her has been definitely a great part of my Focusing Journey.

Mónica Gómez Galaz, Director of The Focusing Institute, Mexico

Charlotte is a fantastic teacher in all sense of its meaning but as a focusing teacher she brings even more to her students. She embodies focusing in her way of being and as a therapist, which helps her students understand on a implicit and deeper level something as complex as focusing.

Charlotte has created a program that develops the focusing abilities in her students in a progress and process that feels accessible and additionally she invites some of the best focusing teachers as guest speakers. Her students are truly more than learning he principles of focusing. They are given the knowledge, experience, and tools to become focusers in their own right.

Jeanette Bronée, Path for Life

The focusing training was a precious gift. Its with me all the time. It touches me each time. I feel renewed spurts of internal awakeing and growth in areas i felt so stuck. I feel brave enough to meet them now. Atleast a dialogue has begun. I thank you for it. At work i have a new role, a new boss, its a transition which I have to ease into. I am nervous but excited. Focusing training has created this safe, almost a "sanctuary like" go-to place. So now if things are too frantic on the outside i can retreat in my spot for some quiet. Almost at the same time it feels like i have begun to feel safe to come out of my hide out. Whatever that is it feel right
Thanks again for being part of my journey!

Meghana, Social Worker

Charlotte is a special person and an exceptionally gifted focusing teacher. She brings years of experience and her own warmth and caring to the focusing process. During my two year training I loved the way she used experiential exercises to demonstrate the steps and concepts that are the essence of focusing. She fostered a sense of camaraderie and closeness that allowed us to learn focusing in an atmosphere of safety and trust. Her guest teachers were of the highest quality and helped expand our awareness of how to use the felt sense for personal growth or in helping others. Learning focusing with Charlotte is a joy and a blessing.

David Whitaker, Psychologist
I am heartened to hear that Charlotte is starting her own training program. Her future students will benefit greatly from her skilled, compassionate, and extremely talented facilitation of FOT training.  I consider myself most fortunate to know and to have learned from her. She is a person with great depth of understanding and sensitivity who easily establishes a safe, nonjudgmental container for exploring and learning. As an added bonus, Charlotte incorporates guest  teachers into her training, each of whom has their own special flavor and FOT techniques to offer.I guarantee that you will consider yourself fortunate to have found her.

Dr. Sallie Norquest, Psychologist
"A training program with Charlotte is impossible to fully put into words.  Her warmth, attention, and insight need to be felt to be fully appreciated. During the workshops one truly gets the sense of being guided by an artist of this craft; one who is living what they teach. I have additional gratitude for the remarkable focusing oriented teachers she brought in as they willingly and compassionately shared their unique and power approaches to focusing. The knowledge, practical skills, and experiential learning have greatly shape my professional and personal life."

Ellis Hulse, Psychotherapist