My Approach

My therapeutic approach it is very integrative using many different modalities. Every human being is so unique and I feel it’s important to draw on many different methods according to what each person needs. However, if I was to be pinned down to summing up my orientation, I would say that my main modalities are Relational Self Psychology and Focusing. Overall, my personal and professional lives are guided by the humanistic belief that there is a source of unlimited knowing within each of us that provides us with the capacity to solve problems and achieve personal fulfillment .  For most of us this "inner knowing" is blocked by fears and doubts. I value self-acceptance and self-responsibility as foundations for leading a happy life; and I believe that a safe, supportive environment promotes the development of these characteristics and permits greater access to our inner knowing.  Believing in the healing power of truth, respect, and constructive intentions, I advocate that developing an attitude of love, openness, and acceptance toward ourselves maximizes our growth-seeking efforts and serves as a prerequisite for deepening our relationships with others .  My professional work is grounded in a profound commitment to respecting individual differences, helping others access and honor their moment-to-moment experiencing, and empowering others to follow their truth to the best of their ability.