I have facilitated, and participated in psychotherapy groups for many years both in the UK and here in the USA. A group is a powerful setting for change and research points to group therapy being more effective than individual therapy for many people.

We all have difficulties in some aspect of our relationships with others, and groups allow us to work through those difficulties in a safe, supported environment with other people dedicated to the same goal of learning more about themselves and growing.

I use a Relational Self-Psychological Analytic approach together with Focusing. This powerful combination allows group dynamics to unfold as well as helping members to slow down, and deepen their own unique individual experiences. It helps members stay grounded in the here and now of their moment to moment experiences while being in connection with others.

Our biggest challenge in life can be how to stay grounded and true to ourselves while relating others and in group therapy we learn to do both and this is profoundly life changing.

I currently facilitate on-going psychotherapy groups. If you are interested in joining one please contact me.

I also teach and supervise psychotherapists in how to use this approach when facilitating their own groups. I do this individually and in groups.


- Major in Group Work, Hunter College, NYC.
- Post graduate training in psychoanalytic group therapy at the
Post Graduate Center, NYC.